Why you should party in a limo

Having a party in a limo most of us dreams about. We have all seen it in movies and TV series, and it definitely is something that can make a person feel like a movie star. Fortunately, it is possible to rent a limo even if you are not a famous person. It can be a great addition to your special day such as wedding or prom, and you can even use it to party like a rock star.

How to find the best limo service

It is probably because many celebrities live in Miami that is not difficult to find an excellent company for Miami limo services.
There are many companies in this area, and you should find the one with the offers that suit you best, with the vehicles you like and with the price within your budget.

1408939154However, there are some other things to look after. First of all, make sure that the company is certified, fully insured and hires licensed drivers. You can sometimes check it online, but you can also ask the company representative to show you the licenses.

Next, you should check for the company’s fleet. They usually give this information online, together with the photos, so the customers know what to expect. They offer stretch limousines we are used to seeing in movies. However, there are also RVs, mini buses, party buses and other types of vehicles you can rent.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of having a party in a limo are numerous. While having a party is fun and joyful event on its own, a party on wheels is memorable and unique. This way you can make something fun and unusual to celebrate some special day. There are some other advantages of having a party in a limo:

It is private

A traditional limousine can only take a limited amount of people, which means that only the people you invite will be there with you. What’s more, there are no neighbors who will be bothered by loud music and voices, so you can feel comfortable and focused on having fun.


header-photoPartying in a limousine is flexible in many aspects. First of all, you can rent various types of limos so you can invite more or less people. What’s more, many companies even offer party buses, where you can fit plenty of people. Then, you can arrange to keep the party inside the vehicle, or the driver can take you and your guests from one place to another so you can visit several places during the evening. The time is also flexible, because you can rent the limo to ride you from as short as one hour, or for a whole evening and night.

You do not have to worry about the ride home

A great advantage of partying in a limousine is that you and your friends do not need to draw straws to decide who will give up drinking for the night in order to drive the others home. You can all relax and have fun, and the driver will take care of taking you home safely.

slide4It is memorable

Last but definitely not least, having a party in a limo is something you and your guests will remember. It is unusual and interesting, so you can be sure that you and them will talk about it for many years.

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How to prevent damage of your car and extend its life

Most of us do not have the opportunity to buy a completely new car, or to change their old car once they wish to get another one. Especially in the time of crisis, it is very important to save the car we already own, in order to reduce the costs of repair and especially not to be forced to buy a completely new car if the damage goes beyond repair. In this article we will give you the essential tips for saving your car from damage and keeping it in good condition.Auto-repair-shop

Visit the mechanic regularly – just like you visit a dentist or a doctor for regular checkups to keep your body healthy, you should visit the mechanics as well, to keep your car in good shape as well. The mechanic will do all the necessary checks on your car and change or repair whatever he think is necessary, before the damage gets bigger and your car gets in the need for larger repair. PV Parts blog will offer you many details about car parts and the places to find them, as well as many useful tips for car repair. You should also check your car regularly and do all the repairs you can do yourself – change the oil, inflate the tires, pour antifreeze and the like.business-man-driving-car1

Know your car – this is a very important aspect of keeping your car in good condition. Pay attention to the car’s “behavior” from the moment you buy it. Get to know the sounds, the behavior of the pedals, handbrake, steering wheel and all the mechanisms within the car. Keep track of how much gas the car spends under which conditions, how often you change the oil and add water to the engine. By knowing your car, you will be able to recognize when something is wrong, so you will know when it is time to take the car to the mechanic.

1214234_1437744135Drive carefully – it does not need to be specifically stressed that driving carefully will keep you safe from the accidents, and save not only your car, but in the first place your life. However, there is another reason why driving carefully is beneficial for the car. This does not only involve driving without exceeding speed limits, but also includes some other factors. First, use light acceleration in order to keep your engine from damage. Then, do not overload your car, because it damages the brakes and requires the engine to invest more power. Lastly, do not keep the car idle for too much time, because it causes the oil pressure to drop, which results in not distributing the oil to all the parts of the car.

Protect the interior and the exterior of the car – a car in good condition does not only involve a well-preserved engine and other mechanisms, but also the good care of the car’s interior and exterior. Make sure to vacuum the car seats and floors regularly, to clean the board and to protect leather seats with protective cream. On the outside, wash the car on regular basis, and repair the scratches as soon as they appear to prevent the metal from getting rusty.

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Keep your car in top condition

Waiting for some major breakdown in the car before you hit a car repair shop is not a smart thing. As years go by, your car will get old and some parts will reach their end. Some of those parts are not essential as some other and you might ignore their sorry condition before you replace or repair them. But that is a common mistake, because The-ideal-Way-To-Keep-Your-Car-In-Top-Conditionthose faulty parts cause damages to other parts of the car, and the bill only increases after that. PV Parts blog is here to explain to you everything about car parts and car repair, so feel free to contact us if you have some additional questions about subjects we have covered.

For now, we will go through major car parts that should be checked on regular basis and repaired or replaced when they are due. In this article I will not meddle in starter and charging parts like battery, starter, and alternator and so on.

The first thing we shall cover is braking and traction control. Traction control works constantly, no matter whether you are braking or hitting the gas. Traction control along with braking system is what is keeping you off the ditch; so naturally, you want them in perfect condition at any moment. Some brake components will wear off over time and they should be swapped before you press a brake pedal and nothing happens. There are some signs that will tell you that something is wrong with your braking system and you should be aware of them, for that knowledge can save your life.

four-car-tipsIf your brake pedal starts shaking that might be a sign of warped rotors caused by extended braking. Grinding (rumbling sounds), when you brake, may be due to worn out brake pads. And if you have to push your brake pedal to the floor to brake effectively then it is time to go to a mechanic.
TCS aka traction control system is also very important, and it is more fragile than braking system. If only one component of TCS gets damaged (whether it is sensor connectors or hydraulic valves) the whole system may fail which may bring your life in dire situation.

In general, whenever you feel that the handling of the car is not as it should be you should go to a mechanic and have the vehicle checked. That will not take too long, and prevention of bigger damages will save you some money.

CRPXWhen it comes down to money, many people avoid buying two sets of tires, for winter and for summer and some people drive with tires that lost their patterns. Driving like this is very risky, because tire patterns produce traction and grip needed for stable driving. You can’t drive with summer tires in winter; they are not made for snow, mud and similar conditions. Winter tires should be used during winter only. High temperatures of the asphalt will damage them if you use them in summer.
You can keep your car in good condition only if you take it to a mechanic on a regular basis.

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